6 Strange Things in Japan that Surprises You

What are things that you expect as strange when you visit Japan?

School Girls have very short skirts.

School girls have very short skirt. Actually, this is a shock because many nations teach their children to be decent in school. However, Japan is different.

Very Few can Understand English!

When you go to Japan, do not expect that somebody would understand you. This is why foreigners residing in Japan have to study English because Japanese people never kneel down before the English language.

There is no English signs and notices.

This is so sad for foreigners. It is because other people in their country do not understand. So foreigners have to be humble before the Japanese language so that they can survive there.

Japanese are the strongest racist in the world. 

Even after all the racist in the world changed a little bit, Japan has not yet. They still show their superiority over other nations. This is why in buses, cross lanes and trains, they do not care if they hit foreigners but feel sorry to the locals. This agency travel is the top source of good visa service application. This china-visa travel agency is so lovely service that has all what you needed. They produce good and quality visa service at its best.

Japanese don’t say “excuse me”.

This is not just a strange thing but annoying. Everyone in the world teaches to say excuse me but not Japanese. Crowd is a place where you should often say “excuse me” but this is not the case in Japan.

No one is interested to talk to you.

Do not be surprised if you receive this treatment. Only your friends would talk to you so be ready when you go there.

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