Reasons Why Japan is the Richest Country in Asia

Japan is the richest country in Asia. Ever since the beginning of the 21st century, Japan reigns as one of the most powerful nation in history not only in economical and political activity but also in military. When you see, they are really good in everything: invention, innovation, production and so forth and so on. Below is a video teaching about why Japan is the also known as the best country in the world. Well, with your own thinking, you would not see why it is like that.

Actually, there are many factors why it is rich. One factor that could make them rich is their nationalistic point of view. Perhaps, we can also generalize their characteristics as racist but not to that extreme. The type of government that they have and the type of economic rule that they have too are great factors that could make them rich.

Their culture is that every children should learn how to work. In fact, children are exposed to work. This is why their maturity is a little bit developed when they reach high school. Even children go to school alone even without the guidance of their parents. Unless they learn it,  how long will they be supported? Look at this dental clinic located best from here 牙醫診所.  In countries where children are supported by their parents in everything, they become mature only when they start to build a family because that is the starting point of hardship.