Travel tips in Japanese if you do not know any Japanese

One of the things that you should consider when you will travel to another country is the language. If the country speaks English which you speak or another language that you learned to speak then you are good to go. But if you do not know anything then you must learn the basics so that you will not be lost. Thankfully with the technology today, there is a translator that you can download for free and choose the language of the place you will go.

Using that you can be able to manage to asks people and tell them your purpose and where you are going. In the video above is the explanation if you really need to know Japanese before visiting there. It is said that it is not necessary as there are many who have managed to live there without knowing how to speak Japanese. There are some challenges that you will encounter like the one which is shown regarding the transportation as it is mostly written in kanji.

The common thing to know also is the phrases that are mostly for greeting and also the one where you have to ask. In the video, they had given the tips on what are the phrases that you should memorize so that you could communicate with them even for a little bit. One of the tips also is that speak one word. Do not complete the phrase but use one word and it is easier for them to understand it.